About Our Team

We are a collaborative team based in the United States of America and Pakistan. Our partnership has been steady for over 10 years of software development for WordPress and Woocommerce. The team started from a simple request for help and blossomed into a business partnership with 6 successful e-commerce stores, 8 custom Woocommerce plugins, and thousands of hours of developer hours on the Woocommerce platform.

About Our Project

We’ve been selling products on WordPress since the beginning of Woocommerce. We have always strived to make our e-commerce stores to be self-sustained and efficient without us pulling levers behind the scenes. We quickly realized the majority of the goals we had to benefit our Woocommerce stores were not out on the WordPress Plugin marketplace.

Because of this, we decided to make the plugins ourselves to benefit our shops and increase sales. Now that we’ve proven the success of our plugins, we are making them available to the public.

Quite simply, our plugins work and will provide you with dividends immediately based on increased sales, ability to reach more customers, and allowing your products to be broadcast on a wider variety of channels.