1. requirements.

  • WooCommerce plugin.
  • ACF plugin. – Advanced Custom Fields (free plugin found in WordPress Plugin Directory)
  • account.
  • Layaway Invoice  activation key


2. Installation.

    • Unzip acf-export-layaway-fields file.
    • Go to dashboard ACF -> tools -> import -> json file here.

    • Then press import json button.
    • Download the plugin zip file, and install in the plugin area.


3. Activate layaway invoice.

  • 1.How to get layaway invoice activation key.
    • Get layaway invoice activation key from email.

    • Get layaway invoice activation key from view subscription in my account page.

2.How to activate layaway invoice plugin.

  • Go to dashboard > layaway invoice > layaway license activation.
  •  Enter layaway license key here to activate plugin.

4. Settings.

Go to dashboard > layaway invoices  >  settings .


     1. Payment mode tab.

    • Choose the payment mode test or live.
    • Create account at, copy the API keys and put into the settings. 
    • For production API requests, log into the production Merchant Interface at 2. Navigate to Account > Settings > API Credentials & Keys.
    • Then press save button.

     2. Email and settings tab.

        New Order E-mail Default Settings

  • Enter admin email. (this will be used as the “from” e-mail address which is sent to the customer)
  • E-mail subject. (this will be the subject of all new order emails from the Layaway plugin.)
  • E-mail heading. (same as above)
  • Additional content.

      Customer email text.

  • Sender name appear in customer mail.

        New Invoice Settings.

    • Enter email subject (this will be the default subject for all new invoice emails)
    • Then press save button.


    3. Typography tab.

    • Enter base color from any color picker online such as This will apply a specific color throughout the layaway plugin, settings tabs, invoice page, etc.
    • Then press save button.

    4. Partially Payment tab.

    • Enter partial payment in percentage like (70%) which is the amount of the total order the customer will pay instead of full payment during woocommerce order.
    • If you want to enable and disable layaway partial payment on woocommerce checkout then click (yes or no).
    • Then press save button.

    5. Layaway Invoice Expiration Date

    • Enter layaway invoice expired date. (this is how long your customers have to pay their bill/invoice)
    • Then press save button.

5.choose layaway payment on checkout.

    • Enable and disable layaway payment on checkout. This will add a button your customers can click which will automatically enter them into your custom layaway program. They will pay a portion of the order, an invoice will be automatically created with the remaining balance. An email will be sent to the store owner and customer. The customer’s email will include instructions on how to pay the remainder of the bill on your website.
    • If your customer does not select the checkbox at checkout, they will instead pay the entire order total.
    • NOTE: If you don’t enable layaway payment at checkout on the backend, this option will not appear. You can still entire invoices/layaway’s manually but your customer’s will not be able to enter one automatically. 

6. Automatic email to customer to pay remaining amount after pay by layaway payment

    • After checkout with layaway, your customers will receive an automatic email instructing them how to access their invoice on your website an pay the remaining balance.
    • The email your customers receives after checkout is the same email they’d receive if you create a manual layaway invoice. The email includes details of their transaction including original total, remaining total, link to their “My Account” page on your website (where they access their invoices), how to make additional payments, and the expiration date of the layaway program.


7. how Manually Create new layaway/invoices. (this is done automatically if customer checks out on your website)

      • Go to dashboard ->  layaway invoice.
      • Click add new invoice button.

      • Enter invoice name, customer name, address invoice amount, purpose of invoice and invoice title etc.

    • Then click on publish button.

    • Once you press the publish button, the invoice has been successfully created.
    • This will also automatically send you an e-mail confirmation as well as the customer’s email with payment link and instructions on how to proceed on their end.


8. How Customers can make additional payments on their invoice

      • Customer’s will receive an email with a link to their My Account page. Otherwise they can simply login and proceed to myaccount page ->  layaway invoice.
      • Here customer can view their their amount and pay order by clicking pay button.

      • After clicking pay button, customer will fill the payment form including the amount they’d like to pay towards their balance, and click on submit payment button.

  • Customers can choose to pay partially or full payment.
If users pay partially amount.

If users pay full amount.