Layaway Invoice Plugin with license

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The only true layaway plugin available online. This plugin will allow more of your customers to purchase higher priced products that they may not be able to afford all at once. Select your terms and increase your sales immediately with our Woocommerce Layaway Plugin and Bill Pay plugin.


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Woocommerce Layaway & Bill Pay Plugin

The only true Woocommerce Layaway plugin available on the net. Our Woocommerce Layaway plugin allows the store owner to treat the plugin as a Layaway or Bill Pay plugin.

Ways to use our plugin:

  • Bill pay: Example would be the customer has a bill to pay such as an electric bill. You can create the bill pay invoice on the backend of Woocommerce and send to the customer to either make payments over time or pay it all off immediately.
  • Layaway manually: You can create an invoice for a product sold in your brick and mortar store and allow customers to make payments over time on your website.
  • Layaway automatic: Enable checkout layaway to give your customers the option to select “layaway” at checkout to be entered into your custom layaway program. This allows the store owner to select the % down needed and time payment allotment to pay off the total invoice.

You are in charge of how our Woocommerce Layaway Plugin works. You pick the terms. With most “layaway” plugins on the market, it requires your store to enter a contract with a 3rd party vendor who usually takes a percentage of the sale. Other “layaway” plugins on the net only allows the customer to make exact payments split over 4 payments.

How does it work?

For the automatic Layaway portion, the customer would fill their cart on your Woocommerce website. They’d then proceed to checkout and at checkout would select “layaway”. Then, the site would automatically change the cart total. Let’s say you choose to do 30% down in order to start the layaway and the total cart was $1000. The customer would pay $300 at checkout immediately. As soon as the order is processed, our Woocommerce Layway plugin will then create a “Layaway Invoice” on the backend of Woocommerce and will send an automated email to that same customer with a link to pay off their invoice. When the customer arrives at their invoice, they can choose to pay anything from $1 to the total payment. Our plugin will not only keep track of all payments made, amount due, and expiration date of layaway, but it will also notify you once everything is paid off and you can provide the product to the customer.

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